Monday, March 30, 2015

Gw2 - A Quick Gearing-up Guide for New Level 80s by SlayerS_ThorZaiN

Hello all,
I wanted to write up a quick straightforward guide to gearing once you're 80 since newish people are always asking for help and such. You might have to wiki a few things in this guide but it should be easily understood no matter how new you are to the game as long as you have at least one level 80, no matter how new he/she is to that max level.

So when you start and you do not have the gear to run dungeons, you have the following options to obtain gear relatively fast so you can start doing them dungeons for gold and tokens and such.

Farming gold - You can go to the Silverwastes and chestfarm. You do this by looking at the LFG group tool, finding a group that says SW 50-100, or Vinewrath/VW, joining the group, and right clicking on the group leader's name and pressing Join in Silverwastes.

Then you'll either go to one of the coloured forts (easy to see on the map) and just fight stuff and do what people are doing generally. This is where the objective bar in the top right isn't filled completely yet. Once it's filled, the Breach happens where each of the forts has a weird plant thing pop out in the middle that you can jump into. In there you fight the boss with other peeps and when you kill it you'll get things called Bandit Crests out of it. Once either all 5 are killed (you get a bonus) or it fails, the breach is over and you gotta head to the West of the map where 3 lanes exist into a chamber that has a big evil plant thing. You once again join people in fighting into the chamber where you fight one of the creatures generals. Killing this general gives you more crests, then once all 3 are defeated (you gotta wait around outside if your group killed it first, just fight stuff other people are fighting) you get even more bandit crests! Once you have all them crests, go back to the entrance to the zone where there's a Bandit Crest collector who sells you Bandit Keys. This is where you look on LFG again and find a group advertising SW chest farm. This time you just follow the tagged commander around the place opening bandit chests people dig up.

This will net you about 10 gold per hour. Once you have a bunch of bags, you open it all, salvage all the blues and greens with the 88 copper salvage kit, and salvage all yellows with the 25 silver salvage kit. Sell all the mats you get from the bags and the salvages on the auction house with sell orders of the highest type, not sell instantly. Sell all exotics too. If you run out of keys, you just do more Vinewrath/Breach events.

s P V P - For this you just gotta play sPvP. Look up a meta build on if you'd like and just play unranked or ranked arena matches in the Citadel of Flame or Lost City of Arah reward tracks. These will give you dungeon tokens and weapon and armor boxes with exotic gear in them. Not the fastest but still a nice way to get gear.

World vs World / Edge of the Mists - Here I prefer the latter, you just follow the commander around tagging all mobs farming karma (and most importantly Badges of Honor), with all this stuff you can buy gear around the PVE world or in WvW you can find Badges of Honor vendors which sell 80 exotic gear for relatively cheap, they sell weapons too not just armor.

With all these 3 gearing options, you should quickly and easily be able to buy a full set of (hopefully) berserker exotic gear and go out and do dungeons with anyone. Look up dungeon guide videos on youtube but don't be scared of just running through one blindly with anyone, we all learn from mistakes. If you still haven't gotten exotic trinkets, just buy the rares on the TP until you can afford exo ones or you get enough laurels/guild commendations from daily rewards and guild events (JOIN A GUILD, LOTSA COOL STUFF AND HELPFUL PEOPLE) to buy some nice ascended ones.

If you're looking to craft exotic weapons and armor, you're gonna have to farm them dungeons or silverwastes boss, they are not cheap to craft. Ranging from 400-600 for a full set of armor not counting leveling up your crafting. Weapons have a decent droprate however from Tequatl the Sunless world boss or PvP rewards tracks. It feels to me the Glorious reward track drops Ascended Weapon Caches the most.

If ya'll got any questions add me in game. My character name is Innocence and I play on EU despite being from NA, so weird weird timezones. 


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