Monday, May 4, 2015

Guild Wars 2 - Farming Black Lion Keys | Fast & Easy by Jesushatesyolo

Hi guys, I know that I'm not the first person that shows the current version of the black lion key farm, but since the others are mostly slow as hell (while calling their runs "speedruns" /laugh) I decided to upload my version of it. I hope it will help some of you.

[Character creation]
Warrior is by far the fastest class solo. I didn't experiment alot with teams. Other damage focused classes like Elementalist could only be viable if you got the executioner axe.

If you create the character make sure to always pick the middle story option. The things you pick will affect the story and this is the easiest and fastest story.

I didn't record the tutorial since it's basically RNG if you get through it fast or slow. If you are interested how it's done the most effective way just watch my outdated keyrun video (link at the bottom).

Seen in the video. An average run costs about 1.4g and a bit Karma (depends on the current way of getting to Chef 200). A guide for Chef 200 is linked below. I highly recommend to screenshot a specific version of the guide (they get reset every 15 - 30 minutes) and buy for 10 or 20 instead of 1 run.

I should also note that you make about a good gold through storing the bags you get in the run. So you basically only pay 50s per run.

Food: Grilled Steak, Weak Potion of Outlaw Slaying
Armor (obviously you have to take the minor runes/sigils):

Level 10 Greatsword with Power - Sigil of Bloodlust, Sigil of Fire
Level 10 Sword with Power - Sigil of Bloodlust
Level 10 Warhorn with Power - Sigil of Speed
Level 10 Head+Gloves+Chest+Pants+Boots with Power - 2x Rune of Mesmer, 1x Rune of Pack, 1x Rune of Privateer, 1x Rune of Scholar

Theres no shoulder for level 10 and the head piece is only white instead of blue.

[Ways to make this run faster]
Like in many farms there is always a way to improve yourself, but I wanted to keep this run casual friendly so everyone can pick my tipps up and make 15 minute runs on his own.

Ways to be even faster:
-Use exucutioner axe
-Use trinkets
-Use more expensive but faster cooking recipes
-Use different armor sets / weapons throughout the run
-Find better ways of killing enemies than I do

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