Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lvl 2-80 from Harvesting Only in 44:40:00 by wigglecandy - Guild Wars 2

Level 80: 44 hours and 40 minutes
Gathering Boosters used: 41 
Speed Boosters used: 6

Total gold after TP taxes: 463g 53s 32c
Estimated WP cost: 18g 82s

444g 71s 32c  
Gold per hour: 9.95g / hour

Approximately 176 days ago, Lady Mine a Lot embarked on a journey. No, not a journey. A mission. She would not kill a single npc. She would not complete a single heart. Perhaps she was a pacifist. Perhaps she was a perfect killer and no one knew her target. Guess.

Map completion: 4.69% (66 waypoints, 21 poi)
My daily route started with Akk Wilds Waypoint(MP) - Potatoes Gallowfields Waypoint(BW) - Rich Iron Kraitbane Haven (CF) - Lettuce+ Cereboth Waypoint(KH) - Strawberries Beetletun(Queensdale) - Lettuce+ Provern Shore(GF) - Spinach Reaver's Waypoint(SD) - Strawberries Valance Tutory(TF) - Rich Plat, Cauliflower Loreclaw(PoA) - Potatoes

As I leveled up I worked in the following: Demon's Maw(LP) - Grapes (stupid Vintner kept killing me until level 25 or so) Rustbowl(FR) - Rich Plat Breaktooth's(FR) Rich Plat Gladefall(IM) Rich Plat Grostogg's Kraal(IM) Rich Plat

176 days is a bit exaggerated since I stopped doing the run for about 3 weeks, only because I was so tired of doing it every day.

Doing the run with a watchwork mining pick should result in about 1.5g a day from the start, in a run that only takes 10 minutes. As you level, it ramps up to about 3g a day in about 20 minutes.
I also did occasional runs in Wayfarer Foothills starting at Lostvyrm Cave waypoint looping north around to Crossroads Haven waypoint. If I started around the same time as Maw I could load into 2-3 distinct maps and get around 25% of a level in 20 minutes.


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