Monday, June 27, 2016

Guild Wars 2 - 58 wins / 70 games / 23 win-streak; Legend Ranger Build by ltbd78

Link to build.

Some notes/tips on what I generally do (although this may or may not work for others):
  • Always started far, strength of the pack immediately to prevent cc;
  • Signet of Wild is used to charge CA, don't use the active
  • Use Strength of Pack to give stability while stomping, if on cd, use Signet of Wild;
  • Always use staff on necros with minions, bc lb does not penetrate;
  • Staff 5+3 for extra healing;
  • When going out of CA on point, immediately spam staff 1 so u dont go invisibile and lose point;
  • When pressured too hard at point (2v1), use CA go invisible head mid, if enemy follows, CA stealth back to undefended point, 9x out of 10 you outrotate them
  • Use long bow 4,2 to knock back, immobolize, taunt using smokescale, then root with staff, for easy decap, and sometimes even cap;
  • Always note enemy positions (minimap/death log), and count # of enemies, if they capped a point and then left, stealth, and recap that point;
  • Always look at minimap to see which of your team's point is undefended and prepare to run there (esp if enemy has theif)
  • 1v1 matchup difficulty: warrior >> necro = mesmer > rest
  • When about to die, CA, 3 while spamming CA again to go invisi, staff 3, left mouse rotate camera smokescale taunt chasers;
  • Note the style of this build is not to perpetually go far 1v1, but to rely heavily on CA3/stealth/staff3 to cap undefended points; or to sustain a 2v1, 3v2 at a uncapped point (incl mid and home), alleviating pressure from other points, or a quick +1 at points -- in short, a tanky theif substitute. sometimes i find myself in situations where it's better to reinforce mid/home than to go far.
(CA = celestial avatar)

Edit: formatting, grammar
Edit 2: Some more insight: spell rotation; map rotation
Edit 3: Interactive build, courtesy of r/Whilyam
Edit 4: Added stuff


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