Friday, June 24, 2016

Guild Wars 2 - How to tank Xera [Stronghold of the Faithful] by Cruelmonster1

Hey Guys,

I'm the tank for my guild group [Qs] and tried some different routes to tank Xera. I wanted to share the way that we think is best to tank Xera. The difficulty of the fight highly depends on your tank and on the pattern you move Xera. The longer she stands on a point the more might uptime and overall DPS you will have.

Important stuff:
  • Ask your commander to give you a marker over your head
  • You want to keep Xera near the bloodstone shards so that the ele have to move as less as possible to reach them
  • At the start when you hit the platform move slightly on the right side (first 50%) or slightly left (2nd 50%)
  • Then try to place here in the middle of the platform and stay there until a lightning hits
  • Whenever the lightning hits pull xera out to the edge of the oldest spawned bloodstone shard
  • You should be aware where the end of the bloodstone shard train is and in which direction it moves (1st 50%: clock wise; 2nd 50% counterclock wise)
  • (Only during orb phase) Move her whenever a bloodstone shard gets cleared to the new edge
  • When the orbphase stops, move her back to the middle (Run through the middle point and stop 1 step behind. She will come always as close as possible. Sometimes this takes a little while)
  • Always tell your team when you are about to move to the middle so they can react in time and position themselfes properly
  • 2-3 times during an orb phase the half you are currently in will light up. Move to the other side and deside early which way you want to turn her to. (In the video I nearly fucked up the run because of that)
  • Tell your team to call the shield. Sometimes you will be focued too much on moving her and move outside of the shield range
  • Her frenzy skill is every 29s. Can be longer, if there is a breakbar between. Save your blurred frenzy, if you are still unfamiliar with the mechanic and press it whenever she uses her attack. Shield 4 and F4 will also block the attack.
  • Don't fuck up as many rotations as i did ;)
I hope the video will give you an good idea. Video

I hope that helps some of you guys out.


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