Monday, October 8, 2012

If your not using food buffs in WvW, your doing it wrong!

Honestly. Also you could use the Master Maintenance Oil and other buffs like it that stack with your food buff as well (has a little wrench icon instead of apple). These greatly increase your stats as much as an extra piece of exotic gear and give you a huge upperhand in a battle, much like the orbs of power.

Before you pass this up as a waste of money/time, just check out some of the bonuses these buffs give you, its incredible.

Heres a quick list of cheap food buffs that you really need to know about :

Rare Veggie Pizza: (One of my favorites) +40% Condition Duration (O.o) +70 Condition Damage

Plate of Lemongrass Poultry: (another favorite) Gain vitality = to 6% of your toughness +200 power when your health is below 50%

Plate of Truffle Steak Dinner: +200 power for 30 seconds after killing any enemy +10% critical damage

Plate of Fire Plank Steak: +100 Power +70 Condition Damage (Power also increases condition damage, giving a compounding effect)

Orrian Steak Fries: +100 Power +70 Vitality

Omnomberry Cookie: +100 Healing +70 Vitality

Bowl of Truffle Ravioli: +100 Toughness +70 Percision

Bowl of Lemongrass Soup (good for tanks): -40% Condition duration on yourself +80 Vitality

Loaf of Omnomberry Bread (another great for tanks): +100 toughness +70 vitality

Spicier Flank Steak (if your a cheapo but still want buff): +80 power +60 Condition damage
and is only 3 copper per on TP. O.O

Curry Butternut Squad Soup: +100 Percision +10% critical Damage

And you can stack all these with a dif kind of buff such as Master's Maintenance Oil: Gain power = 6% of your toughness. Gain power = 4% of your vitality.

As you can see these buffs are very powerful, and theres many more, for all levels. All food buffs are very cheap with the most expensive being 2 silverish and most under a silver a piece. Do your server proud and atleast buff yourself so we can all prosper.

With the right food buffs, and not counting any orbs, I can get my Attack up to 3.3k, with 54% crit, with the orbs this gets up to 3.5k attack. These food buffs rock! and you'll be doing your server and the economy a favor by making cooking more viable at lvl 80.

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