Friday, August 23, 2013

A comprehensive list of common "goals" or funtime in Guild Wars 2

Simply put, I would like to compile a list of achievable goals for goal-oriented players to do, as well as a list of things that are playable for the sake of being fun. I'm doing this because we often see/hear returning players or new players who simply have no idea what to do, or what there IS to do!


Funtimes: (things that are fun, even without rewards)
  • Holiday events
  • [Jumping Puzzles]((
  • Collect infinite costume tonics
  • Exploration
  • Screenshot collection of the magnificent sights of Tyria
  • Get to know the people in your guild/build friendships
  • Make your character look good.
  • Rotating Mini-games
  • Complete personal story
  • Learn a new profession, or experiment with a new build on your favorite profession
  • Play musical instruments
  • Help others level, do JP's, dungeons, w/e BE NICE TO OTHER PLAYERS!
  • Guild Missions
  • Organize player events (JP races, whatnot)
  • Roleplay (Tarnished Coast is the NA roleplay server, Piken Square for EU, Drakkar Lake for Germany)
  • Learn the lore!
  • Use the Diving Goggles!
  • Try to solo champions

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