Monday, August 19, 2013

Champion Ooze Farm Loop - Farm for Slime-covered Strongboxes

Preface: I'll say this now, if you're looking for a mega profitable farm, this is not it. This is specifically for Karka Bows, Slime-covered Strongboxes and the contents of the Strongboxes.

I happen to love really ugly unique weapon skins. As of the August 6th patch, we got a fairly large amount of new champion skins. Two of these, Arthropoda and Crustacea are the Karka bows that everyone so loves hates. We know that they drop from Champion oozes, of which there are only 4 in game. I put together this loop to get 3 of the 4 of them.
Why oozes and not karka? Because everyone loves hates Southsun, and there are only 2 champion karka's there. You need a decently sized group to effectively farm them, or at least a small op team who is quite skilled. Oozes are so the only confirmed dropper of the Karka Bows, so I figured that these guys would be easier. There are only FOUR champion level oozes in the game, 3 outside of Orr on quick timers. With the current state of Cursed Shore, I've decided to ignore that one (it also has a long respawn).

Starting off, you will need:

  • At least 3 people (less means they should be a bit better at their classes, 5 is ideal for any group)
  • You will need Desider Atum Waypoint in Metrica Providence, Mournful or Whisperwill Waypoints in Bloodtide Coast, and Arundon Waypoint in Frostgorge sound. Don't worry, I am providing screenshots on where to go.
  • Skills on your skill bar
  • Some Armor
  • Anything else that helps you kill stuff and run faster (there is running involved!)

Metrica Providence Ooze - Champion Giant Ooze

This one is an event, on a 10(ish) minute timer. You can tell when it's close to starting if Dr. Bleent isn't yelling about his Ooze Booze. Soon after that, he will run over to an Ooze container and feed one of his Oozes some of the booze. It will either become FOUR veteran oozes, or ONE champion ooze. There is no noticable pattern. You'll have to complete the event for it to reset. Once you complete the event, move to the next ooze!

Bloodtide Coast Ooze - Giant Blood Ooze

This one is also an event. It will either be a Champion Canyon Spider Queen or a Champion Blood Ooze. Obviously, you want to kill the Ooze. If the Spider is up, you'll need to kill her for the Giant Blood Ooze to spawn on the next reset (which is about 5-7 minutes). Once either the Ooze or the Spider Queen is did, move to the next ooze!

Frostgorge Sound Ooze - Giant Blue Ooze

This one is in a secret cove. There is Grawl in the cave at the entrance. Run by them all. You will come up to a rock-ramp upwards that kind of double backs on itself. This has AoE Rock-falls that will knock you back and do damage. They are easily avoided though with a couple of well-placed dodges and stability. When you are through with that, continue up the hill through the cave. Destroy the makeshift door and keep running past the oozes. You'll see the Giant Blue Ooze around the bend. Kill it off and that'll be the completion of the loop. Head back to Metrica Providence and repeat. The timing is set that Metrica Providence should be up just around the time you're done.

These Oozes drop Slime Covered Strongboxes, which drop various things including the Karka Bows. Hopefully if a few of you are bored and want to try some new things, this might interest you.

Guide by: nightsfrost

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