Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - Tower of Nightmares Achievement Guide

Guide by: Dulfy

Hey everyone, for those who are having trouble finishing up some of the achievements under Tower of Nightmares, I have wrote a brief guide to it.
You can also find a longer guide with maps/pics here:
Meta: Tower of Nightmares
  • Doing all of the achievements under Tower of Nightmares only grant you 11/14 so you will need to do 3 days of dallies to complete this meta.
The Nightmare Unveiled
  • You should get this achievement once you complete the solo story instance. Players who are level 25+ will automatically get ported to this story instance when they try to access Kessex Hills
Toxic Krait Historian
Toxic Alliance Slayer
  • Kill 100 kraits of the Toxic Alliance, you can get this while doing the Toxic Offshoot achievements so there is no need to grind this separately.
Toxic Weed Whacker
  • Do 25 events involving the Toxic Offshoots, which appear as orange flower icons on the map in Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields, and Eternal Battlegrounds. Most people do this in Kessex Hills since the respawn on these Toxic Offshoots is fairly fast.
Toxic Siege Gardener/Toxic Demolitionist Gardener/Toxic Golem Gardener
  • There are three types of events that can occur near a Toxic Offshoot. You can either get an event to protect the vigil engineers (Siege Gardener), an event use powder kegs to destroy the offshoot (Demolitionist Gardener) or an event to escort a siege golem to the offshoot (Golem Gardener).
  • Which event occurs at a given offshoot is random. Escorting the siege golem events seems to occur a bit less than the other two. You only need to do each type of event 3 times for each achievement.
Toxic Spore Sampler
  • Give Marjory 50 Pristine Toxic Spore samples to complete this achievement, which will also open Marjory up as a merchant.
  • When you have destroyed a toxic offshoot, a toxic seedling spawns where you can gather 3-5 Pristine Toxic Spore samples from it. Alternatively, you can also buy them from the TP (~4 silver each last time I checked)
Toxic Global Gardener
  • Destroy Toxic Offshoots in 5 different maps: Kessex Hills, Caledon Forest, Brisban Wildlands, Queensdale, Gendarran Fields.
Toxic Spore Cleanser
  • Apparently you can get this achievement pretty fast by participating in a Scarlet invasion. Many of the clockwork champions and vets have this buff.
  • Any champion/vet can have a chance to have this buff, not just the ones in Kessex Hills/surrounding zones so Queensdale/Frostgorge Sound champion trains are good.
  • Most of the champions/vets that spawn from the Toxic Offshoots do not have this buff so you will need to grind this achievement separately. What people do is camp the 3 krait champions that spawn separately in Kessex Hills (Overlord Waypoint, Meadow Waypoint, and Auld Red Wharf POI.) People tend to camp near Auld Red Wharf POI as the two other waypoints are contested once the champion spawns so it is easier to tell if a champion spawns near them.
  • Not all of the champions that spawn from these 3 locations have this buff, only killing the ones with this buff counts towards the achievement.
Krait Bane
  • Kill the 3 Krait Witches in Kessex Hills, Timberline Falls, and Caledon Forest
  • Kessex Hills witch is located next to the Lair of the Seawitch POI. To get to her cave, swim towards the tower and once you are at the vista, you will find a tunnel that leads to her cave. She will pop up once [Group event] Stop the Blood Witch occurs. This event is based on a timer.
  • Timberline Falls witch is located on the very top of the krait tower near the vista in Nonmoa Lake. She will spawn once [Group event] Kill the krait witch occurs. This event is also based on a timer.
  • Caledon Forest one is located on the shores of Ventry Bay. Unlike the previous two witches, her group event is based on a timer and have pre-events you must complete to trigger it. Her event is [Group event] Locate and kill the transformed krait witch.
Hope that helps! :D

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