Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jon Peters summarizes changes made to Dec 10th patch based on player feedback


Here is a summary of the changes we have made thus far based on feedback we have read. This is not necessarily the end of adjustments, but where we stand currently. There were a lot of good suggestions, and some of them may not be able to make it due to time constraints on testing and implementation. Please continue to give feedback over the course of the next few days. We will continue to monitor that feedback and take it into account in changes we make for this patch and for the future.

  • Arcane Resurrection is going up to master tier instead of Renewing Stamina.
  • Windborne Dagger is going to function outside of combat.
  • Soothing Disruption is moving to master tier.
  • Cantrip Mastery is moving to adept tier.
  • Soothing Wave redesign: Gain Regeneration(3s) on incmoing critical hits. 10s recharge.

  • Power Shoes is going to function outside of combat.

  • Confounding Suggestions – We will merge the old functionality with the new functionality. It will now have 50% change to stun on daze and increase daze duration by 25%.

  • Vigorous Recovery: Vigor duration will be 5 seconds instead of 4.
  • Bountiful Theft will come down to a 10s Vigor instead of 8s.

  • Combustive Shot. To clarify this change, the damage is normalized to about 15% less physical damage than it used to do at all adrenaline levels, but that the damage per pulse is the same regardless of adrenaline level.


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