Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guild Wars 2 - The Nightmares Within Achievement Guide

Guide by: Dulfy

Hey everyone, here is an achievement guide I wrote up for this update's Living World achievements. Hopefully this will be handy for those who havn't finished their meta yet (this release is a quick one)
As usual, this is just a quick summary with all the info that I feel are relevant. There are alot more pics and extra info in this guide I wrote up:
Getting through Tower of Nightmares
Tower of Nightmares has 3 levels and to reach the next level you must proceed through the previous level. Once a level is unlocked, you can fast travel to there by talking to the Priory Travel Golem not far from the entrance.
If you are making your way through a level with events active, you must complete the event as they spawn objects that block access.
Here is a map with general directions and locations of the 9 chambers marked.
Meta achievement
  • Complete 10 achievements to finish this meta, which rewards 25 pts. There are exactly 10 achievements in this category but you can also do dallies if you want to skip some.
  • Meta + all 10 achievements grant you 68 AP in total.
Tower Nemesis
  • Kill Aetherblades, Molten Alliance, Toxic Alliance, and Clockwork mobs
  • Super easy achievement that takes no extra effort as you will complete this quickly while doing other achievements
Tower Explorer
  • You must visit the 9 different chambers that are inside the Tower. Only 3 chambers are active (i.e. can be entered) and marked on the ingame map in any given time but I have marked the locations of the 9 chambers in the map above.
  • Each level have 3 chambers but you don't need to enter the chamber for this achievement, just getting near them is sufficient.
Tower of Nightmares Survivor
  • Complete 10 chambers. Unlike Tower Explorer, you can complete the same chambers if you switch map/overflow.
  • If you have already completed Tower Explorer, an easy way to do this achievement is check to see if a map has Chamber 6 (the last chamber on level 2) active since it is right next to the checkpoint for level 3.
  • Other good chambers are those in level 1 since it is easier to get to compared to say level 3 chambers.
The Nightmares Within
  • Complete 15 events inside the tower
  • Since the tower forces you to do events to proceed through a level, you should already have some event completion credits when you make you way from the entrance to the very top of the tower.
  • For addition events you can just hop around the levels and maps to see which ones have events.
Tower top achievements
Rest of the achievements here require you to get to the very top of the tower, which require you to make your way through level 3. Level 3 is quite nasty and very hard to get through as a solo player.
Tower of Nightmares High Diver
  • Video:
  • Once you make to the very top of the tower, grab the diving goggles on the platform next to the story instance and dive to the water below.
Tower of Nightmares Diver
  • Video:
  • Go back to where you were, this time enter the story instance and complete it. Do not exit the instance after defeating Toxic Hybrid. Instead, look at SE side of the room for a portal that will take you to Kessex Hills. There is another pair of goggles outside the portal.
Tower Antitoxin Injector
  • Automatically granted when you complete the story instance.
Toxic Hybrid Slayer
  • You will need to kill the Toxic Hybrid a total of 4 times (i.e. do the instance 4 times) . You only need to kill Toxic Hybrid 3 times for the achievement but this achievement isn't unlocked until you have killed Toxic Hybrid for the first time.
Tower Hybrid Master
  • Like Toxic Hybrid Slayer, achievement is locked until you kill Toxic Hybrid for the first time so you will need to kill him a second time without dying for the achievement.
  • Complete the story instance without any party member dying (getting downed is okay) The description says this achievement is rewarded for not dying to Toxic Hybrid but you actually need to complete the entire instance without dying.
  • Can be done in group or solo. If done in group then everyone must not die.
Tower Treasure Hunter
  • Open the Tri-key chest at the top of the tower 5 times.
  • Two ways to get keys
    • Mobs drops
    • First level of tower drops Mysterious Blue Key
    • Second level of tower drops Mysterious Green key
    • Third level of tower drops Mysterious Pink key
    • Buy them from Marjory’s Helper Dee for 10 Pristine Spore samples and 15 silver per colored key in Kessex Hills camp just west of the Tower. You can only purchase each color key once per account per day.

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